Dental Care

At the Smile Centre we have Patients of all ages and backgrounds it is therefore very important that we offer our patients the best plan for them to suit their needs and requirements. We have 3 amazing Dentists who are brilliant at what they do in providing excellent quality dentistry for all our patients. Giving them advice wherever it is needed and talking through everythign that the patient needs to know. 


The Plans we offer at the Practice are :


  • NHS 

  • Private Pay-as-you-go 

  • Smile Care Plan




NHS dentistry is offered in practice by all 3 of our dentists Dr Moreira, Dr Stoychev and Dr Siribor. It means that patients only get the basic materials offered to us for use by the NHS and prices are set by the NHS. 


Private Pay-as-you go


Private pay as you go means that patients are given the best quality of materials on any of the Dental Treatmnt that they require, they are given priortiy in the daybook when they have a Dental emergency.  However patients pay for their treatment as and when it is required rather than a pay monthly scheme. This option is offered by Dr Moreira 




This plan is a pay monthly plan, which features its own supplementary insurance and worldwide 24 hour emergency cover, it uses the best of materials and the monthly cost features all routine dental treament. except the cost of Labratory fees. This option is offered by Dr Moreira. All details of the plan can be found in the plan page